Orla Kiely for Target introduces Boppy and Aden + Anais Collection!

Orla Kiely introduced a line for Target featuring sweet prints for baby, printed on one of our favorite brands! I took a few photos of the collection while I was in the store last week and added product images here with links for your convenience. Like many things on the Target website (frustrating!), some of these items are not sold in-store, so you may want to call first before you head to your local store to purchase.


Elephants. Few websites frustrate me as much as Target.com does, and I am guessing that this print is mislabeled on their site. The link here is to the correct photo, but the print on the site is labeled Flowers, whereas the print with the flowers below, is labeled Elephants on the website. So, you may want to scope these out in the store instead of on their website to avoid any confusion.

Technically, this line is called aden by aden + anais for Target by Orla Kiely, but let’s just go with Swaddle Blankets. This is not the boutique collection by aden + anais, so your sizes will run a little smaller with a different weave, but the patterns are to-die-for and I am hoping that they can add many more of our favorite a+a products to this line.


Flowers. Again, noting the confusion above, this links to the correct photo, the site description labels this print Elephants.


Trucks. This transportation-themed print is labeled Trucks, but appears to feature all trains. What a mess, I should stop now, but I love Orla and Aden too much to let this go.


The collection, as packaged in the store. It was located on an end cap in the baby section of our local Target.


The Orla Kiely Boppy Cover + Nursing Pillow.

Untitled design(2)

From top to bottom, according to the website, we have prints labeled Gender Neutral, Girl, and Boy.


Store packaging for the little bibs. I wish they would have gone with Burpy Bibs!


Diaper Bags! Stem Flower (Red), Large Flower (Tan), Stem Flower (Navy), Two Pocket (Navy), and the Floral Hobo. I think they must have eight different people in their naming department to avoid obvious naming consistency.


Seen in-store, the 3-Piece Hobo Diaper Bag, which is the above Two Pocket Diaper Bag. Confused yet?

Untitled design(3)

Left to Right: Pink Flowers, Yellow Elephants, and Blue Cars (Oh…so close to naming three correctly!). I’m pretty sure those are trains, or am I completely off-base?

OKforTblanketsStore packaging for the blankets.

Regardless of this naming issue with Target, I highly recommend taking a look at this collection in person at your closest store. I love Orla Kiely designs and am excited to see this line of infant feeding and nursery gear.

#BrimBooks: Mouk

Our son was five weeks old when I started reading to him daily, both due to my love of reading, and also in a desperate attempt to create bedtime routine for us before my maternity leave was over. I would hold his newborn body in my arms, often nursing him at the same time, and read my absolute favorite bedtime story to him, I’ll See You in the Morning, by Mike Jolley and Mique Moriuchi. I will never forget those first weeks of reading to him, and, since he is now an avid bookworm, we hope it was that daily routine that started his love of books early.

A while back, I started a hashtag for myself on Instagram on the pictures of books we were enjoying or that I wanted to purchase, #BrimBooks.One of our son’s favorite books is Mouk by Marc Boutavant.


Mouk is a story about a bear who travels around the world. Each page layout features a different country in great detail, with local words and phrases, unique facts, and entertaining dialogue between the tiny animals. The details are fantastic, and, just like Richard Scarry books, my son can stare at the pages for a long time. A page of stickers are included, which I removed until he’s a bit older and can knowingly place them where he would like (so it’s a book that can grow with him!), and they’re gorgeous.

Mouk’s first stop is Finland.


Madagascar is featured, along with the famous ring-tailed lemurs.


Japan’s cherry blossoms are shown off, along with other Japanese cultural traits.


Mouk’s trip begins in France and takes him to Finland, Greece, Libya, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, India, China, Australia, Japan, Peru, and the US. Read along!


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10 LOVE-ly Valentine’s Day Gifts (for kids!) under $10!

Does your family celebrate Valentine’s Day for children or for significant others? Or both? When I was growing up, my sister and I would wake up on Valentine’s Day morning, open our bedroom doors, and find a little stuffed animal, tiny candy box, and card from our dad. It was so sweet, and it is a tradition that I want to carry on with my son.

If you’re celebrating with your children this year, than here are a few small gifts that would be fun for your little Valentine.


|1| Heart Cube Puzzle $6   |2| Luckies of London Wooden Heart Puzzle $8

|3| Yusuke Yonezu We Love Each Other $8   |4| Adam Rubin Dragons Love Tacos $9

|5| Baby Lit Romeo & Juliet $9   |6| Hape Bamboo Mini Mighty Racer Car $6

|7| Herbie the Love Bug $3   |8| Hero Arts Woodblock Stamps $10

|9| Hape Qube Lacing Vehicles $7   |10| Wiggly Ladybugs (set of 12, perfect for sharing!)


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9 Pink Diaper Bags that Pack a Punch

Even though I would classify myself as a tomboy, fashion wise, I love a good shade of pink. The pieces of clothing in my wardrobe are 95% black, gray, and olive green, but the remaining items are typically fuchsia, plum, or a light pink. As the tones of pink progress towards salmon and coral, I love them even more.


With today’s diaper bag post, I wanted to focus on the bright, uplifting shades of pink that pack a punch.


|1| Tribe Whitsundays Carryall |2| Storksak Ariel |3| Storksak Ashley

|4| Kate Spade Stevie |5| 7 A.M. Enfant Barcelona


|6| Storksak Noa |7| Storksak Tote

|8| Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel |9| Storksak Olivia

Storksak stands out among all diaper bag companies at carrying the biggest selections of colors (solids, not prints) with sophisticated designs. I can’t stay away from featuring them since they are a favorite of mine. My next diaper bag post will feature excellent selections under $100.


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15 Nautical Navy Diaper Bags Give New Meaning to the Baby Blues

Navy is one color trend that is coming on strong for the year, and these are the “baby blues” that I can appreciate coming on strong.


From beautiful shades of royal blue to the deepest of navy, this list includes a little something for everyone. Personally, the navy and brown (canvas and leather) bags are my absolute favorite.


|1| SoYoung Charlie |2| Danzo Messenger |3| BabyBeau Joel |4| Storksak Tote |5| Pacapod Mirano


|6| Babymel Soho |7| Stokke Changing Bag |8| Diaper Dude Original

|9| Storksak Olivia |10| Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel


|11| Storksak Catherine |12| Petunia Pickle Bottom Hideaway Hobo

|13| Storksak Caroline |14| Tribe Singapore Sling |15| timi & leslie Abby

The selections are almost overwhelming! Nautical navy is a classic color that will last forever, so there’s your justification to splurge on your favorite (just call me a diaper-bag-hoarder enabler). Enjoy!


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12 Vibrant Yellow Diaper Bags for 2015

Winter has been making itself known this past month, and, even though I am in sunny north Florida, I have been finding myself wanting more color to brighten up my day. So… I thought I would feature 12 vibrant, yellow diaper bags that will be perfect as a cheery splash of color in your day.


These bold shades of yellow have been popping up everywhere this season. I’ll call it a “winter sun” shade, and it’s nice, though surprising, since Pantone named Marsala as the color of the year (check out my list for Marsala Diaper Bags on BuyModernBaby). The Marsala and Yellow both work well as classy, autumnal tones together.


|1| Nova Harley Brisbane |2| Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote |3| Nova Harley Divine

|4| Storksak Noa |5| Nova Harley Manhattan |6| Storksak Color Block Tote


|7| Kalencom Elite |8| timi & leslie Sophia |9| Okiedog Sumo

10| Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel |11| timi & leslie Charlie |12| Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

Stay tuned… I will be featuring Navy, Pinks, Geometric, and Aztec featured diaper bags next!


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Announcement: Toms Socks Debut!

We’re back online full-time over here at Little Brim Baby, and this year we’re starting with a quick announcement for products that men and women will love. It seems a bit humorous to start a new year with this announcement, but let’s start building ourselves a better year from the ground up, shall we?!

Toms Shoes have been loved for a few years now, and today they announced a line of cozy Socks to pair with their comfortable footwear. Prices for Woven, Yard, Cable Knit, and Alpargata range from $24-$28.

TomsSocksAnd while we’re talking about new Toms lines, I LOVE the Charcoal Felt Men’s Searcher Boots. The leather shoes are also a beautiful addition for men who want comfort and style. Cheers!